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Leadership Will Unlock Your Dog's Potential


Kentuckiana Alpha Paws offers true balanced training in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.  We work with BOTH dog and owner to help build a strong, meaningful relationship. Our training works in real time, with real distractions and offers awesome results. We believe the communication and comfort you have with your trainer is extremely important to the learning process. 

The leadership method we use teaches you how to train your dog and condition their behavior to get the responses you are looking for in a well-behaved furry friend. The best results come from a committed owner/leader and produce a responsive, respectful, happy family member who is welcome anywhere!

The leadership method is a balanced, highly successful training method that works in real world situations, on real dogs both in and out of the home. It works by building the relationship between you and your dog; establishing trust and respect with boundaries and clear communication.

With this method, we reward desired behaviors primarily with praise, affection, and high value treats while discouraging unwanted behaviors with directional leash pressure corrections. We can help you train your dog to walk nicely on a leash, heel, sit, down, stay, recall, greet appropriately, and respect thresholds. We think you will appreciate this leadership-based training method that doesn’t rely solely on treats, food bribes, or strict suppression. 


· Private lessons for Basic and Intermediate Obedience- packages and single lessons available

· Small group classes (Available sessions vary)

· Boot camp jump start-with obedience package

· AKC Canine Good Citizen training and testing

· Boarding

We train in New Albany, Floyds Knobs, Sellersburg, Charlestown, Jeffersonville, Louisville, and Prospect.

We accept payment through the following options: cash, personal check, credit cards, Venmo, Zelle, and PayPal

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Our job as owners is to help our dogs to relax and be calm; we do this by providing balance, structure and leadership. If your relationship is out of balance, get help, get training, learn how to give your dog what they need so that they can give you what you want.